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To Infinity - and Beyond

Congratulations - you're running farther than the average recreational runner.

But you want more!

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As Far As You Want to Go:

Happy running 10km / 6 miles? You’re wondering what to do next? The traditional progression after 10k is to aim for a half marathon. We’ve got a great plan that will take you all the way from the start to the finish line. And, because endurance running is about much more than the physical test, you’ll find lots of information and support in developing the mindset needed to keep going for mile after mile!

What about after that? Maybe you feel ready for a full 26.2 mile / 42.2km? Just like our Couch to 5k programme, you'll find that our training programmes can help you get all the way to the finish!

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Most training plans are little more than a table showing activities for a give number of weeks. Unfortunately, that means they tend to be set out for an average person of average age and of average ability. But at this level, everyone needs to be considered an individual. So our plans are designed to be flexible, letting them be tailored to your actual goals and ability.

Look out for their release later this year, giving you something to aim for once the current restrictions are a thing of the past.We're ready to help you go farther!

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