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Our connection with
Falkland Trail Runners

Recreational Running was born as a part of Falkland Trail Runners.

Malcolm Mactavish probably input more to time into FTR than any other person. In 2014, he organised a Couch to 5K programme within FTR. This was very successful and, very quickly, it grew to include a 10k programme and its own weekly running sessions. Effectively, it became a club within a club.

In 2018, FTR agreed that it should become an independent organisation under the leadership of Malcolm. It took the name "Recreational Running". Two others - Bill Gillan and Rod Cooke - who had joined through Couch to 5K, had been trained as run leaders and become members of the FTR committee. Their main interest was in facilitating the development of novice runners, and moved over to Recreational Running. These three formed the core of the new club and are responsible for running it.

As an independent club we are affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs, Scottish Athletics (through their JogScotland initiative) and East Fife Sports Council.